TCE Monitoring

Real-Time Continuous Monitoring of TCE and Other VOCs in Indoor Air

New concerns over short-term exposures to Trichloroethylene (TCE) have generated interest in systems that can monitor TCE in indoor air for weeks, months or longer. Hartman Environmental can provide you with systems that monitor TCE as well as many other common VOCs (eg., PCE).

TCE - 1

Systems consist of:

  • Instrument with detector to measure TCE and PCE and other select VOCs every 10 minutes.
  • PC-based data acquisition system.
  • Ability to monitor system and data remotely via cellular network or Wi-Fi.

Options Include:

  • Ability to monitor more than 1 location.
  • Extra detectors for additional VOCs.
  • Measure cross-slab pressure.
  • Measure meteorological parameters.
  • Control 115 volt relays.